Car Performance & Customization

Auto Customization & Car Performance Services in El Cajon & San Diego, CA

We specialize in customized performance engineering techniques. We are committed to providing the best possible parts for every platform we support.

    .   No single modification can radically increase your engine’s power output and transform your ride like a turbocharger or supercharger.

    .   Need 50 or more horsepower right now, but not a minute from now? If you need just a temporary boost, you will need a nitrous kits.

    .   Forced induction is great, the idea behind performance air filters is that a less restrictive air filter means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to bring in air. That means it’s more efficient and makes more power.

    .   The entire exhaust is from the header’s back for an actual increase in power and a quality sound. Replace that rusty and ugly exhaust manifold with a stainless-steel header for increased flow.

    .   Road Race Suspension, larger sway bars are the single best upgrade to keep your performance car flat in the corners.

    .   Get a high-performance fuel pump A high-performance fuel pump is needed, so your new mods don’t starve your engine of fuel. A high-performance fuel pump is a significant upgrade, especially when matched with higher-flowing fuel injections.

    .   A tune-up to maximize its power. The computer ECU controls engine function by taking readings from all the various engine sensors and uses that info to compute the most efficient burn. The ECU won’t necessarily see your new headers or cam, so you need new programming

Car Customization & Performance Services El Cajon & San Diego